About Us

Alexandria short film festival ​

The Alexandria Short Film Festival is a festival established by the Art Circle Association in Alexandria, to provide an opportunity for filmmakers to present their works to the public, in the heart of Alexandria, to be a beacon of cinema in the world. The festival is held annually and its first session was in 2015. The festival aims to provide a suitable atmosphere for the exchange of experiences between filmmakers from all over the world and to provide the opportunity for short film makers to present their films, whether narrative, documentary or animation in front of the audience, with the aim of fruitful discussions between the film maker and the audience and to provide a safe platform for presenting their work and Harvesting the result of their efforts. The festival aims to develop and advance short cinema.


Festival Objectives

  • Spreading the culture of image and cinema in Alexandria
  • Spreading the culture of the short film for the simple class of society
  • The festival aims to exchange Arab cultures by showing fiction, documentaries and animation films from all Arab countries
  • The festival organizes free artistic workshops and symposia throughout the year between session and session, and not only during the festival period


Hypatia prize

Hypatia, philosopher and astronomer, has been considered the first woman in history to make a name as a famous mathematician – and also as the first scientist assassinated by religious extremists In his Historia Ecclesiastica, Socrates wrote: “There was a woman in Alexandria named Hypatia, the daughter of the philosopher Theon. She was adept at collecting all contemporary sciences, which made her superior to all contemporary philosophers, as she presented her interpretations and philosophical explanations, especially Plato’s philosophy, to her disciples who came from all regions. In addition to her extreme modesty, she did not like to appear in public. Nevertheless, she stood before the city’s judges and rulers without losing her humble and solemn disposition, which distinguished her from others, and which earned her the respect and appreciation of all. The governor of the city (Orestes) was at the forefront of those who held her in great respect.


The administrative and organizational structure of the festival

Mohamed Galal

Festival Coordinator

Mohamed Mahmoud

Festival President

Mohamed Saadoun

Festival Director

Mony Mahmoud

Technical Director

Mahmoud Hamdy

Executive Director